“I’m not going to bore you
with complex
methodology, terminology
or academia.
D&I is simple and
so are my concepts.”

Permission: Granted Speaker Series

After years of conversations and consultations, research and interviews regarding Diversity & Inclusion – I’ve learned that companies don’t have diversity problems, they have people problems. For too long diversity has been blamed for loss of productivity, discrimination and a litany of other workplace faux pas but diversity has never been the issue, it can’t be – people and their BS are the problem.

I solve people problems NOT diversity problems!

What I have also gleaned from over 20 years in business is that these so-called “diversity” issues come from a term I’ve coined called Bias Synapse, easily remembered as BS. You know the problem. Getting rid of the BS is the answer.



I see myself as a people consultant who refocuses the conversation on what has been forgotten–humanity. Some say, “Who cares as long as employees come to work and do their job?” I say, “You better care because biases don’t politely wait outside when employees enter the workplace.” These internal issues can slow down productivity, stagnate innovation and tear down communities – not to mention the hundreds of thousands companies pay in lawsuits every year.

It’s time to get comfortable discussing the uncomfortable

All of our thoughts and feelings stem from our life experiences. A subject like bias is fine if our feelings are labeled “acceptable” by society, but often that’s not the case, which leaves us to feel guilty or uncomfortable. We can either resolve to keep our feelings to ourselves or confront them and gain understanding.

I recommend door No. 2.

My simple solution is Permission: Granted. This PG tool is simple and powerful but cuts deep because it requires your honesty and commitment. It might even require a little discomfort but you have to give yourself permission to feel, think and express your feelings with the goal to work through your biases.

Upcoming Speaking Engagements

  • Luxa Presents: Courageous Conversations – Oct. 12
  • Tulsa Regional Chamber MOSAIC Meeting – Oct. 17
  • Tulsa’s Young Professionals – Diversity & Dialogue Event – Nov. 14
  • Tulsa Public Schools (BTW High School) – Nov. 6-9
  • Tulsa Police Department Bias Training
  • Safer Together Presents: That’s BS! A Conversation for All of Us
  • Rogers Williams University (Providence, RI)  – Mar. 2018
  • Northeastern State University (Broken Arrow, OK) – Nov. 2
  • CoOperators (Moncton, NB, Canada) – Apr. 4-5 (Hold)
  • Verizon (Basking Ridge, NJ) – Mar. 1 (Hold)
  • Home Federal Loan Bank of Topeka (Topeka, KS) Apr. 2018 (Hold)

Need more info on the Speaking Series?

Speaker/Training Series

Permission: Granted to Get Rid of Your BS

Whether implicit or conscious, bias is the number one threat to humanity and any company’s success. If your company’s goal is to create cohesiveness within your organization, increase revenue, be innovative and/or elevate your reputation-the bias in your workforce and community is a roadblock. You know the problem. Permission::Granted is your answer.

Throughout this session, Risha allows attendees to express their biases, while giving them easily applicable tools to get over them, however screwed up they may be. Although diversity can often be an uncomfortable topic, Risha’s approach helps attendees to understand the concept, without feeling bored or judged.

Attendees will leave this conversation with:

  • An understanding of Diversity & Inclusion
  • A thorough awareness of his/her biases
  • A realization of how his/her biases originated
  • A recognition of the symptoms and results of bias
  • Tools to address bias internally and externally
  • Tips to navigate bias in the workplace

Permission: Granted to Build an Inclusive Culture

Building an inclusive culture is imperative to business success. Learn the keys to creating a culture that welcomes all employees, boosts retention and productivity. During this talk, Risha shares applicable tips and strategies to take your company’s culture to the next level.

Seminar includes:

  • Keys to attract and retain top diverse talent
  • Strategies to showcase how an inclusive culture provides a competitive advantage
  • Stuff she thinks is important (that you should write down) as you establish your inclusive culture


Permission: Granted to Attract Diverse Markets

Companies need to know how to get diverse customers to buy their products and services. Why?

Because business sustainability, competitive advantage, a constantly changing economy and trillions in buying power. During this session, Risha will share with attendees the keys to effectively engage various diverse groups and provide them with tips to create a diversity communications strategy for their company.

Attendees will leave this seminar understanding how to:

  • Create a successful diversity communications plan of action
  • Communicate to diverse audiences
  • Market to diverse groups vs. mainstream audiences

The Permission: Granted Program is tailored to fit a variety of topics and lengths. It can be customized as a keynote speech, half-day or full day workshop to take an in-depth look at multiple topics.

Contact me to start planning your custom Permission: Granted program.


Attendees have had this to say…

(I need) To recognize my own biases and be direct yet kind about calling people out who make insensitive or biased remarks.

Diversity & Inclusion training can be interactive; it doesn’t have to be boring.

The most important thing that I learned was a better understanding of personal biases.

Excellent training.

I would recommend this seminar to other agencies.

Presenter did a good job dealing with sensitive topics.

Should be mandatory training.

This class was very educational.

What attendees like best…

Discussions on bias

The speaker’s passion

The required interaction with others

Stories about the speaker’s own biases

The class participation was fun. Risha’s real-life examples using her own family was great and helped to make the class relevant to real life.

The facilitator was knowledgeable and the length of the class was just right.

The interaction between the speaker and the group.


Risha’s approach to diversity and expert advice impressed me to say the least. She is articulate, smart and provided a practical approach to improve diversity and easily applicable resources to achieve success.

Zohar Ziv, COO (retired)

Deckers Outdoor Corp. (Ugg Boots)

Risha grant is a dynamic and very effective speaker. Her ability to demonstrate the value of diversity & inclusion, while providing individuals the opportunity to recognize and examine their own personal beliefs and behaviors, allows her message to truly resonate and live beyond her presentation.

Scott Welch

Global Corporate Relations Manager, Columbia Sportswear Company

Risha grant is tenacious in her approach to define and explain diversity from her audience’s point of view.  She is the most engaging and interesting speaker with a style of her own that will provoke audiences into learning without being aware.

Carolyn Cummings

Director-Employment and Diversity, Boy Scouts of America

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