There is a lot of BS in the world!


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My edgy diversity and inclusion training, facilitates honest, authentic conversations about unconscious bias, inclusive cultures, and micro-aggressions. My goal is to lead my audience to a new place of respect, understanding, authenticity and inclusion. The end result is an energized workforce focused on diverse teams and inclusive cultures that generate new ideas, better performance, and sales growth.

For the first time ever – gain access to my Diversity and Inclusion training from the comfort of your home with exclusive access to my Get Rid of the BS Virtual Keynotes, Webinar Series and Online Courses.


Take this time of social distancing to unpack the BS in your organization, so that you can begin to build authentic relationships.

Virtual Keynotes

You schedule the time and send me the link to join your team virtually! With top quality equipment, I will deliver an inspiring, fun and engaging keynote speech. I’ll even throw in some stuff about managing D&I in a virtual world and the importance of inclusion during social distancing.

Get Rid of the BS

(Bias Synapse)

Get Rid of the BS

to Build Inclusive Cultures

Get Rid of the BS

to Attract Diverse Markets

Get Real by Getting Rid of the BS

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Need a deeper dive? Try my webinar! Let me host a live webinar for your employees with fun, engaging and interactive activities.

Get Rid of the BS

(Bias Synapse)

Get Rid of the BS

to Build an Inclusive Culture


Negative Messages, Positive Changes

Along with LIVE Hosting, this webinar includes:
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Key Messages
Reflection Questions

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The solution in the face of change and challenge is to focus on people. Humankind is interconnected. We can’t allow systemic racism, a global pandemic or politics to drive us further apart, but instead, see it as an opportunity to draw us closer together.

Many organizations and companies have engaged Risha for her Diversity and Inclusion consulting and as a leadership speaker. View her full Client List.

Select Testimonials

Her engaging storytelling talent and expertise in D&I will bring great value to any adult learner forum.”

Emily Lawson
Director of Education, American Staffing Association

Risha captivated the audience and challenged us as HR Professionals to look at what diversity and inclusion really means.”

Karlina Christensen and Shauneen Scott
Committee Chairs, Northwest Human Resource Management Association (NHRMA)

You were amazing and left me walking back to my desk feeling so great, spirit completely lifted and made me view things so differently…”

Direct Energy Attendee

She received a standing ovation and was the perfect speaker to wrap up our conference!”

Kristen Baker-Senior Project Manager
The Bridge Conference — The Direct Marketing Association of Washington

That’s BS!

That’s BS! How Bias Synapse Disrupts Inclusive Cultures and the Power to Attract Diverse Markets

Sexual harassment. Systemic Racism. Bias. They are the dire consequences of a dearth of diversity in the workforce. Diversity is not the issue, people are. Now this timely new book, That’s BS! explains how closing the race and gender gap makes businesses more competitive and prosperous. Read More.