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Biases won’t politely wait outside while your employees enter the workplace. These internal issues can slow down productivity, stagnate innovation and tear down communities. Hire Risha to help your employees get rid of the BS (Bias Synapse).

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“The American Staffing Association was thrilled to have Risha Grant as a break-out presenter at Staffing World 2019 and she knocked it out of the park! Attendees shared that Risha was energetic and her content was thought provoking. Her engaging storytelling talent and expertise in D&I will bring great value to any adult learner forum. She prepared well for our audience and delivered and provoked as promised! It was a pleasure working with Shannyn and Risha.”

Emily Lawson

Director of Education, American Staffing Association

“Risha did a fabulous job reminding us that everyone needs “to be the change” in understanding diversity and inclusion in order to affect a long-term, organizational cultural change. She reminded us the starting point is for people is to “unpack your boxes” and look at how they deal with bias.  She provided us with a great introduction to a very important issue that requires our attention.  I highly recommend her to any business or district looking to have someone who genuinely connects with her audience and knows how to read a community.” 

Michael Giardina

Assistant Superintendent For HR, Minisink Valley Central School District

“Risha’s presentation was absolutely amazing and insightful. She captivated the audience and challenged us as HR Professionals to look at what diversity and inclusion really means. We truly appreciate her extraordinary and heartfelt impactful message. Keep up the great work!”


Karlina Christensen and Shauneen Scott

Committee Chairs, Northwest Human Resource Management Association (NHRMA)

“Risha knocked it out of the park at our industry conference. She brought a ton of energy to the presentation and she got everyone in the room to come face to face with their own bias, which was amazing to watch. There wasn’t a person in the room staring at their phones. That told me she got their attention and they were really thinking about what she was saying. I highly recommend Risha and her message for any business or industry dealing with bias and needing more diversity.”

Pat Hus

Senior Vice President – Bike Specialty

“Risha was wonderful today! She received a standing ovation and was the perfect speaker to wrap up our conference!

Kristen Baker-Senior Project Manager

The Bridge Conference - The Direct Marketing Association of Washington

“We recently had Risha Grant at our 2019 NICA Conference in Sun Valley; we brought Risha as part of our DEI initiative. That sounds like “checking a box.” Far from it. Risha exceeded our expectations and was remarkable, relevant and thought-provoking in her ability to move our initiative from concept to personal transformation with humor along the way. Risha’s warm and real approach touched our audience by connecting her experience, tools, insight, and inspiration into the hearts of our audience for an ultimate change, impact, and influence. Bravo to Risha.”

Lauren Duensing

VP, Programs - National Interscholastic Cycling Association

You were amazing and left me walking back to my desk feeling so great, spirit completely lifted and made me view things so differently, you are truly a person I will continue to follow and look up to.  It was a great experience and you helped me not to be afraid to have a voice.! Thank you for sharing your incredible knowledge, stories, and just everything!

Direct Energy Attendee

“We recently had Risha speak at our annual Women’s Leadership Forum and she was phenomenal! She kept attendees engaged, challenging others to confront their own biases while also sharing her own raw and personal experience and biases. She was authentic in every aspect of the word and a true pleasure to work with!” 


Stacy Riddler

Senior Education Manager – IAEE

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