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Our members appreciated the safe space for discussion, asked thought-provoking questions that Risha answered truthfully, and walked away with tools on how to examine and overcome their own biases. Risha has such a dynamic personality that was felt even through the virtual environment. If you’re looking for an energetic, no BS speaker to engage your organization on some tough topics, hire Risha.

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Organizational Culture

Ditch the silos and embrace a powerhouse approach! Forget segregating DEI, employee wellness, sustainability, and customer experience upgrades. It’s time to fuse them together seamlessly into a kick-ass environment that shouts, “We’re all about out people, our community, and making the world better. No BS, just results!


FOR OVER 25 YEARS, I HAVE HELPED HUNDREDS OF ORGANIZATIONS CATALYZE CHANGE IN THEIR CULTURES. The first half of my life, I was a baller who shot my way to the Division One level. The second half of my life, I’ve been grindin’ it out in business. Basketball taught me everything about culture and team dynamics. My innovative and edgy DEI infused solutions facilitate honest,
authentic conversations about culture, including organizational chaos, leadership, team cohesion, unconscious bias and inclusion. As your culture coach, my goal is to lead audiences to a new place of respect, understanding, authenticity, perspective, and inclusion without placing blame, increasing judgment or encouraging guilt. The end result is an energized and connected culture that generates better performance, and sales growth.

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Be Better Than Your BS

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Learn how to accept yourself, stop judging, engage, connect with others, and win in your work culture.

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D&I is hard work because we humans are complicated. The bottom line is, when you need an extraordinary facilitator — who is clear-eyed, compassionate, and unafraid to work on implicit bias — call Risha. She steered the conversation to illustrate the unacknowledged, unaware white privilege that was underneath many of the exchanges among the participants, yet always created an environment of safety. Risha is uniquely equipped to lead your people forward into better territory where everybody wins.




 Identify + Own + Confront

Begin with self-assessments to recognize your unconscious biases, then acknowledge and accept them. Use mindfulness practices and other techniques to confront these biases and understand how they influence your behavior.


Understand + Analyze + Educate

Next, reflect on the sources of your biases to gain deeper insights, analyze the patterns and triggers that reinforce them, and commit to ongoing learning through diverse perspectives and practices. Now, you can LeadBETter.


Elevate + Impact + Transform
Addressing your bias synapse and understanding your biasphere means to become a more self-aware, empathetic, and inclusive individual. This transformation not only enhances personal growth and relationships but also contributes to creating positive, inclusive environments in all areas of life. Now, we can build better leaders, better teams, and better systems for a better world.

How to Work with Risha

LeadBETter Coaching

Transform your leadership with LeadBETter Coaching, where Risha empowers leaders and teams to BET on themselves, transcending personal and organizational barriers to cultivate a people-first environment using the unique BET Model.


 Unlock the secrets to attracting diverse markets with “That’s BS: How Bias Synapse Disrupts Inclusive Cultures and the Power to Attract Diverse Markets,” a must-read that empowers leaders and employees to identify, own, and confront unconscious bias with real talk on diversity, equity, and inclusion. 

Keynote Speaker

Book Risha to Get Rid of the BS! In her most popular keynote speech, the Corporate BS Finder will motivate your employees to identify, own, and confront their unconscious biases. Or, choose “Be Better Than Your BS,” her new DEI-infused (but not DEI focused) speech that will help you create a culture where everyone thrives.


In this self-paced course, take the time you need to absorb knowledge from one of the top DEI and culture speakers in the game. From scarcity mentality to radical acceptance, Risha will take you through the concepts, with humor and personal anecdotes  while you utilize quizzes and downloadable PDFs to fully grasp the information.

Online Learning

2020 was a pivotal year for all of us. Like so many others, I transitioned to virtual speaking and consulting and while I wasn’t excited about the change, it offered a badass opportunity to connect with my audiences in an interactive way.

As such, we were able to gather data from 55,000 employees across the United States. That knowledge has been applied to this online course and provided to you.

Yes. You read that correctly! I built a course that sparks personal development and organizational change based upon current trends of DE&I concerns from people just like you.

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8 Keys to Be Better Than Your BS

You get all of this knowledge in an easily digestible format of eight (8) modules. They include multiple lessons and are accompanied by downloadable worksheets and quizzes.

Learn with Risha Grant how creating a connected culture can overcome bias, increase company cohesion and supercharge productivity.

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Unlock your leader’s full potential with one-on-one coaching that transforms them into empathetic, emotionally intelligent powerhouses who prioritize a people-first approach to leadership.


Overcome personal and organizational barriers to build trust and foster genuine team collaboration, resulting in psychological safety, higher morale, and increased productivity.


Inclusive leaders + engaged teams = a connected culture. Thrive in a dynamic overall environment that screams, we rock with our people, we roll with our community, and we support a world that wants to be better than the BS.