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2020 was a pivotal year for all of us. Like so many others, I transitioned to virtual speaking and consulting and while I wasn’t excited about the change, it offered a badass opportunity to connect with my audiences in an interactive way.

As such, we were able to gather data from 55,000 employees across the United States. That knowledge has been applied to this online course and provided to you.

Yes. You read that correctly! I built a course based upon the concerns, thoughts and questions from people just like you.

You get all of this knowledge in an easily digestible format of eight (8) modules. They include multiple lessons and are accompanied by downloadable worksheets and quizzes.

The Modules

Module 1 FEAR

By dealing with diversity challenges at the root, we can empower each colleague to dig deep to find their personal power while embracing and supporting those who are different from themselves.

Module 2 Introduction to Your Biasphere

This module enables your workforce and teams to begin to engage in diversity discussions from a space of greater awareness and acceptance.

Module 3 Inclusion or Exclusion? Your Choice.

Exclusion is a form of bullying that can create physical and psychological damages to your workforce.

Module 4 Uncomplicating Allyship

This module provides practical steps to be a better ally, community member and teammate.

Module 5 Diverse Connections, Microaggressions & Micro-inclusions

Microaggressions can come from good intentions, but have very negative and nuanced impacts.

Module 6 Tying it All Together: Intersectionality + Privilege

Foster a sense of safety and understanding while unpacking complex and challenging topics.

Module 7 Managing Difficult Conversations

Learn to have a helpful and constructive conversations about topics that are uncomfortable and unavoidable.

Module 8 All About Equity

Equity is focused on progress which is giving each employee what they need to be successful.