Risha Talks [SERIES]: Systemic Racism

by | Jun 29, 2021 | Blog

I get it. You just left yet another work conversation, Facebook war, or Twitter battle about racism. Your entire life, the definition of racism always has been about the individual. Someone taught you that racism means that one person believes that his/her race is superior to another, and that’s it. And now, all of a sudden, people accusing you of benefitting from an invisible system that’s racist? It sounds like a ludicrous claim and that people are just looking to scapegoat personal responsibility via white history, right? You aren’t racist, and you’ve done nothing wrong, and as far as you’re concerned, you won all of your benefits through hard work and determination? Is that resonating?

Well, this series is for you. It’s all about systemic racism in different industries. Will you be a systemic racism expert afterward? No. However, if you listen with an open mind, you will have a starting point for self-education and research, and the next time someone brings you a discussion about systemic racism, this series will better equip you to engage in it. 

Risha Talks [VIDEO]: Systemic Racism in Healthcare

In this episode, Risha discusses systemic racism in healthcare with Laura Bellis, Executive Director of the Take Control Initiative; a health equity program focused on contraceptive access in Tulsa, OK.

Risha Talks [VIDEO]: Systemic Racism in Criminal Justice

In this episode, Risha discusses systemic racism in criminal justice with D’Marria Monday, founder of Block Builderz and Richard Baxter, founder of Racism Stinks in Tulsa, OK.

Risha Talks [VIDEO]: Systemic Racism in Government

In this episode, Risha discusses systemic racism in government with DeVon Douglass, former Chief Resilience Officer for the City of Tulsa, Oklahoma. Douglass currently runs a consulting firm called Aurora Advising, and they do community engagement, racial equity, strategic planning, and policy development consulting.

Risha Talks [VIDEO]: Systemic Racism In Tech

In this episode, Risha discusses systemic racism in the technology field with two professionals that share their insights with us. Michelle Manglal-lan, Senior Manager of Talent and Culture at Samsung in North America. And, Obum Ukabam, Head of Admissions and Marketing Manager for The Holberton School Tulsa, which is a two-year software engineering school.

Risha Talks [VIDEO]: Systemic Racism – Redlining

In this episode, Risha discusses redlining with Rose Washington, CEO of the Tulsa Economic Development Corporation as well as Venita Cooper, owner of Silhouette Sneakers & Art in Tulsa, OK.

When listened to with an open mind, the systemic racism series can be an excellent self-education resource. I hope this is only the beginning of your education about systemic racism. I get that learning new DEI terms can feel overwhelming. I try to simplify these areas for my clients.

If you want more resources for DEI, click this link. It breaks down one of the most challenging components of DEI for people to understand. Learn the difference between equity and equality in this blog post.


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