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Risha Talks

Risha Talks [VIDEO]: Systemic Racism in Tech

Risha discusses systemic racism in the technology field with two professionals that share their insights with us. Michelle Manglal-lan, Senior Manager of Talent and Culture at Samsung in North America. And, Obum Ukabam, Head of Admissions and Marketing Manager for The Holberton School Tulsa, which is a two-year software engineering school.

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Risha Talks [Video]: Gender Identity and Pronouns

In this video interview, Risha discusses gender identity and gets the answers to your questions: What does it mean to be transgendered or non-binary? Why is it important to get another person’s preferred pronouns correct? How much grace should be given to those who are just learning about gender identity and fluidity?

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Risha Talks: KJRH JustUs Series

Watch as Risha talks with Tulsan’s on KJRH Channel 2 NBC about tough issues that we all face. The JustUs Series is a partnership between Risha Grant and KJRH 2 NBC.Introducing your special someone to your family. Watch Now Same sex marriage and family dynamics during...

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Risha Talks: 2019 Tulsa World Articles

Read my latest articles in the Tulsa World Newspaper. Nobody Gets a Pass! Have a conversation with family members who make hateful comments over the holidays Read all about it We have to give each other grace Read all about it The most qualified candidate can be a...

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