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Risha Talks

Risha Grant wins 2018’s Inclusive Leadership Award

Who makes Tulsa awesome? That's the goal of the Boomtown Awards, one of the many events hosted by Tulsa's Young Professionals, one of the largest and leading YP groups in the nation. TYPros gives its members, professionals aged 21-40 from all professions, chances to...

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NEW diversity and inclusion training at your fingertips

Bias. Racism. Discrimination. Now you can start the conversation about diversity and inclusion with your business and employees with a click of a button. Edgy equity speaker, trainer and author Risha Grant has released a trio of online videos called That’s BS! Video Seriesthat change perceptions, create innovative teams, foster inclusion and ultimately, increase profits.

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That's BS

Tune in for a discussion on diversity and inclusion in the workplace with Risha Grant, author of That's BS.

Posted by 36 Degrees North on Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Posted by Safer Together on Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Are You Full of BS?

That’s BS Books, Shirts & Paddles
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Are black people hindering diversity and inclusion progress?

Reported by Risha Grant in Black Enterprise Magazine 02.27.19

If we don’t figure out how to meet people where they are, we will continue to stifle our inclusive growth. This growth can transfer into a skill set that would enable you to have a stronger voice at work, with family and in valued relationships. It is imperative to know what others are thinking. Read more.

Risha Talks: As lines blur between freedom of speech and hate speech, we must create civil dialogue

As my niece gets ready to leave home to attend college this year, I feel both excitement and concern for her. Read more.