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Risha Talks

Risha Talks: Stop talking and start listening

“Why don’t black people care as much about black-on-black crime as they do when a police officer kills a black person?” I was asked this question by an attendee during one of my Unconscious Bias trainings a few weeks ago. Initially, I was irritated. The question...

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Risha Talks: Equity should be an inalienable right

Imagine living in a place where you decide to buy tomatoes from the local Subway restaurant because there is not a grocery store in your community. In 2010, I moved from south Tulsa to north Tulsa. During my first week in my new neighborhood, I went grocery shopping...

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Risha Talks: After a racist came to my door shouting obscenities, I reflected on my own ‘BS’

The day after my first Tulsa World column ran, a white man showed up at my house. He stood in my front yard, facing my living room window, shouting. He used the f-word and said he hated n—- — and shouted Martin Luther King’s name.

“I’m going to kill you and burn your house down!” he yelled. “I’m going to cut your head off and send it to your mama.” His voice sounded demonic. My neighbors were not exempt. With the same racially charged epithets, he accosted them, as well. “I’m going to kill you all with my bare hands one by one.”

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Risha Talks – The Tulsa World column

Introducing Risha Talks from Tulsa World. These thought-provoking articles in the preeminent news source explore diversity, inclusion and bias around the world. Read a fresh new perspective from national speaker, trainer and author Risha Grant. 

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That's BS

Tune in for a discussion on diversity and inclusion in the workplace with Risha Grant, author of That's BS.

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