Developing a plan for diverse recruitment, retention (Daily Journal Oregon)

by | Feb 23, 2018 | News

Companies today need to have a diverse workforce to connect with their clients and communities. Recruiting a diverse workforce and then retaining that talent is critical to success.

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“Recruiting a diverse workforce starts with being intentional about your recruitment plan,” said Risha Grant, founder and CEO of Risha Grant LLC, a diversity consulting and communications firm based in Tulsa, Oklahoma. “First, develop a plan that includes goals about diverse recruitment – it should include reaching out to historically black colleges and universities, diverse organizations at colleges and universities such as Hispanic, LGBT, African-American and Asian-American groups. There will also be organizations for women, black fraternities and sororities, among others. The idea here is to intentionally go outside of your usual recruitment efforts. You can also join networking groups that are diverse or disseminate information to those groups about open positions at your company.”


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