“I can take you from
where you are (in your
D&I journey) to where
you want to be.”



Whether you are beginning to implement D&I into your organization, seeking to attract diverse markets or need to address an immediate D&I concern–I can take you from where you are to where you want to be. From executive coaching to engaging your entire organization, I have a plan customized specifically to help you address the root issue and reach success. I will walk you through it. Let’s have a conversation about your D&I goals.

RG ROI Process


We meet you where you are. We begin by listening to our client’s challenges and then we conduct our own in-depth research. Using our Five (5) Guiding Principles, we will perform a diversity audit to measure the D&I climate at your company and to assess areas of strengths, weaknesses and opportunities for growth regarding your target market.


 We customize a plan to upgrade your brand. From our research, we assess the D&I opportunities your brand can capitalize on to achieve success and build a custom D&I Brand Strategy to do just that.


 The proof is in the process! As we infuse your company with our D&I strategies and tactics, you will begin to see and feel the fabric of your environment change.

D&I Diagnosis

You may know you have a problem, but aren’t quite sure what it is or how to address it. You need a D&I Diagnosis. Let my team drill down to the root of the issue and provide recommendations to get you started with creating a more inclusive culture.

Either create your own D&I Diagnosis package by combining the comprehensive analysis report with the stakeholder assessment, the communication audit or choose both services to receive a complete outlook of your organization.


D&I Diagnosis Includes:

Stakeholder Assessment

Through in-depth interviews, focus groups or surveys we engage a segment of your stakeholders to understand your organization’s D&I health translated through their eyes.

Communication Audit

My team will analyze how your organization communicates with internal and external audiences to assess what you are really communicating. We will evaluate your:

  • Website
  • Marketing materials
  • TV or radio commercials
  • Internet Ads
  • Social Media Accounts
  • Company videos

Comprehensive Analysis Report

We will compile our findings into a comprehensive report that will indicate where your organization falls on our Organization D&I Health Index. The report also includes recommendations to begin addressing any areas of opportunity.

Leadership Coaching

Your leadership is the biggest threat to your company sustaining an inclusive culture. For continued success, it is imperative that your leadership team learn how to address your organization’s D&I needs. We will create a custom program based on your individual or company needs to provide your leadership with the tools they need to effectively foster inclusion in your workplace and lead inclusively.

Executive Coaching

Whether you are an HR or marketing professional, C-level exec or the head of your organization’s D&I department, you are bound to be faced with a D&I issue you don’t quite know how to handle. Don’t stress. Let me coach you through it. Fill me in on the situation and I will work with you to create the solution you need to meet the deadline you have — even if it’s immediate.


Content Marketing Strategy & Implementation Packages

My team will cultivate content to infuse your company’s website, intranet or social media outlets with Diversity & Inclusion. We will create marketing content that highlights your organization’s commitment to D&I, highlights the diversity wins in your company and that continues to educate your internal and external audiences.



D&I Brand Development Package— Customize

Looking to create or refresh your D&I brand identity? You are looking at the right website. Our focus on honest conversation, research & communications will let your employees & customers know D&I is one of your company’s core values. For those who need a complete D&I solution where we are with you from beginning to end, this package is for you. This package includes all of our services for a comprehensive solution to your D&I needs.

D&I Diagnosis

We will figure out your issue and identify areas of opportunity.

Custom D&I Brand Identity Creation

We will create and implement everything you need to attract the internal or external audience you want.

Inclusionary Media (Communication) Package — Customize

Cultural nuances, ignorance and communication gaffes are responsible for the majority of diversity issues in the workplace and the world. Inclusionary Media creates your communication and marketing initiatives from a diversity lens. We know our stuff and we will use our expert expertise to implement inclusionary media strategies, tactics and practices for your business. Count on us for the right message to the right audience at the right time.

  • Identify areas of inclusionary opportunities for your company (Diagnosis + Communication Audit)
  • Creation of Diverse audience attraction strategy
  • Develop inclusive marketing materials
  • Creation and distribution of press releases
  • Community & stakeholder engagement (Partnership Development)
  • Diverse media consultation and placement