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Diversity and Inclusion is an uncomfortable topic.  In Risha Grant’s new Diversity & Inclusion Online Videos, she’ll guide you and your employees to a place where you’re comfortable talking about the uncomfortable.  In this edgy equity training, international speaker and trainer Grant facilitates honest, authentic conversations about unconscious bias and micro-aggressions, and leads her audience to a new place of respect, understanding and inclusion. The end result is an energized workforce focused on diverse teams that generate new ideas, better performance, and sales.

Engaged employees > More output > Bigger profits.

Diversity delivers dollars. Multiple studies show companies with an inclusive workforce perform better – 35% better– than other businesses. Beyond that, there’s the critical message that all voices should be respected and heard – which enables employees to create and innovate – providing your company with its competitive advantage.  Grant’s training will teach you how to build a culture of inclusion and leverage it to improve performance and output.

Risha Grant’s Solution

You’ll get three modules of training that help assess the cultural and organizational barriers blocking your employees and business from authentic change. In this three-step process, you’ll be able to identify, own, and confront your bias while learning to build an inclusive culture and understand the micro-aggressions that keep us irritated and frustrated with each other. This training is for employees, managers and leaders in small businesses to major corporations.

Your solution to change includes:

  • Three eLearning modules
  • A training guide to help facilitate discussion for each module
  • A webinar with Risha Grant

Additionally, receive a free download of the first chapter of Grant’s book, That’s BS! How Bias Synapse Disrupts Inclusive Cultures and the Power to Attract Diverse Markets.

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  • 3-Month Access – Access the online video training, receive a training guide to facilitate workshop discussions, and schedule a webinar with Risha Grant anytime during a three-month period. After the 3 months, access to the online video training expires.
  • 6-Month Access – Access the online video training, receive a training guide to facilitate workshop discussions, and schedule a webinar with Risha Grant anytime during a six-month period. After the 6 months, access to the online video training expires.
  • One Year Access – Access the online video training, receive a training guide to facilitate workshop discussions, and schedule a webinar with Risha Grant anytime during the next year. Access to the online video training expires one year after purchase.


Module 1 – Run time 23:00

That’s BS (Bias Synapse)

8 min sizzle from Risha Grant on Vimeo.

Get rid of the BS by focusing on unconscious bias. BS (Bias Synapse) is a term Risha coined to explain our brain’s role in unconscious bias. She begins all D&I training with unconscious bias because people need to focus on themselves first to change a corporate culture.  Grants shows employees the role they play personally and professionally in every day decisions that may be compromised by positive or negative prejudice.

Participants also learn:

  • The 3-step process to overcome BS
  • A thorough understanding of unconscious bias, diversity and inclusion
  • The brain’s role in unconscious bias

Module 2 – Run time 20:00

Inclusive Culture


Grant’s process works with the strategies and systems you already have in place.  From recruiting to hiring to team-building, Grant will show you how to create a workplace where everyone feels include, heard and valued.


Participants also learn:

  • Guiding Principles of Building an Inclusive Culture
  • Strategies to Hire a Skilled and Diverse Workforce
  • Keys to Attracting a Diverse Market

Module 3 – Run time

Negative Messages, Positive Changes  


Have you ever complemented someone of a different race only to find out that you offended them? In this module, Grant shows how words, actions and behaviors affect others.  Grant focuses on some of the most common verbal and nonverbal slights, insults and snubs and offers new ways for everyone to be thoughtful and intentional about diversity and inclusion.

Participants also learn:

  • How to navigate common micro-aggressions
  • Daily tips for intentional inclusion
  • How to become more aware, open and accepting

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I hired Risha Grant to be the Keynote Speaker at our 2018 Seoul Sisters Conference in Austin, Texas. She spoke to over 90 attendees for 10 different Samsung Companies across the USA and Canada. She was inspiring, funny and brutally honest. I really appreciated her ability to tell a story, willingness to share her personal experiences and insight. She was professionals and personable.

Michelle Manglal-Lan

Senior Manager, Engagement & Diversity, North American Region, Samsung

We had Risha Grant is for our International event in Belfast in February 2018, and she was phenomenal. Risha absolutely crushed it, she is amazing, and had incredible impact.  Thank you so much!!!

Christina Luconi

Chief People Officer, Rapid 7

I just had to tell you… you are doing the work you were put on this planet to do. Your approach is so genuine and refreshing. I’ve always thought of myself as a pretty open and accepting person, but thanks to you I’ve been analyzing and really searching my existing BS… and realize I have got some work to do. You much such an impression on me that my approach to people that are not “like me” will never be the same.



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