Coaching for Leaders & Teams


Before I was Risha Grant, international speaker and bestselling author, I was Coach Grant. I was building strong, trusting, powerful teams out of groups of individuals. So, whether I’m running drills on the court or training leaders in the boardroom, I’m delivering powerful cultural transformations. 

The first half of my life, I was a baller who shot my way to the Division One level. The second half of my life, I’ve been grindin’ it out in business. Basketball is the reason I love culture and team dynamics.

Introducing LeadBETter

LeadBETter equips you and your team to kick adversity and disruption in the ass. Risha empowers you and your team to transcend personal and organizational barriers and cultivate a people-first environment that’s ripe for goal-crushing, team cohesion, and cultural connection.

Enter LeadBETter’s model: BET on You!

It’s time to stop talking about it and start being about it. Your personal leadership growth creates a chain reaction; it fuels your team’s hustle, morale, and connections, and leads to satisfied customers. Risha kicks your leadership in gear by tackling three core areas:

Breakdown the BS

It’s time to break down the BS that keeps you stuck in an ineffective and uninspiring cycle. During this stage of the process, you’ll challenge the limiting beliefs and biases that influence your behavior and drag you down. With deep self-reflection and insights from your crew you will tap into your leadership mojo by embracing your unique perspective. Once you kick your BS to the curb, you will level up your leadership game and bring some serious energy to your team.

Engage with empathy

With the BS out in front of you, it’s time to link up with your crew. Through a series of workshops, skill-building sessions, and solo grind time, you will roll with your team to identify unmet needs, seize opportunities, and celebrate wins. This grind ain’t easy, but the payoff? Epic. Only by solidifying your team as a tight-knit crew of trust that you’ll fuel the drive to smash those crucial goals.

Tackle the tactics

You’ve crushed the BS, owned your leadership game, and set the team’s sights on the prize. But talk is cheap without action – leadership dreams stay dreams, and teams stay disconnected. It’s time to make moves. This is where you roll out the playbook, putting real-deal tactics into play to make those team dreams a reality. With your team you’ll create a culture commitment that spells out your shared vision for kicking butt and bouncing back. Take flight with a tailored plan that propels you toward peak leadership prowess.

Leadership and Teams Coaching

LeadBETter’s got your back with programs designed to unleash your team’s full potential while transforming your leaders into empathetic, emotionally intelligent, goal-crushing badasses. Take your pick from our lineup of tailored-to-you programs:

Individual Programs

LeadBETter 1:1

1:1: Personalized coaching for leaders ready to level up.

Elevate your leadership game with personalized coaching and guidance. Say goodbye to team drama and setbacks caused by lackluster leadership. Risha’s here to coach your leaders into powerhouses, cultivating a BS-free culture that breeds success.

What’s included?

  • Leadership Assessment
  • Team Culture Commitment Facilitation
  • Flexible structure to suit any leader’s style and schedule
  • 1:1 Leader Coaching

LeadBETter Teams

Customized strategies to build exceptional teams.

Ready to assemble a dream team? One that’s tight knit, driven, and smashing goals left, and right? Risha’s got the playbook to assess and eliminate the BS within your team, unlocking each member’s full potential. Exceptional teams thrive under exceptional leadership.

What’s included?

  • Team BS Assessment
  • Customized Coaching
  • Team Coaching Sessions
  • Culture Commitment

LeadBETter Mastermind

Join a community of leaders committed to success.

Step into a space of real talk and peer learning, where obstacles are conquered, and success is the name of the game. Led by Risha, this mastermind offers a safe haven for genuine conversations, tearing down corporate walls to tackle challenges head-on and foster authentic connections.

What’s included?

  • Cohort-Based Structure
  • Facilitated Conversations on Tough Topics
  • Peer Feedback & Reflection


The struggle is real when it comes to climbing the leadership ladder. It’s no secret that women find themselves at the bottom of every leadership stat that exists. Let’s keep it real. Women ain’t had it easy in these corporate streets. This program is all about tackling the BS that women face in leadership, whether you’re running the show in your company or leading a team. We’re bringing a coaching style that’s straight-up and tailored to help you overcome the challenges in a male-dominated world. So, if you’re ready to own your power and break through barriers, this is for you.

In addition to our top-notch programs, all LeadBETter participants receive:

  1. Culture coaching in an unconventional format
  2. A self-paced curriculum tailored for individual or team objectives.
  3. Monthly virtual check-ins to keep the momentum going.


Package 1

Nothing But Net

This package is designed to flip the script on organizational problems from the top-down. We’re talking about getting leaders and team members locked into the same rigorous, fun, accountability-driven program. The goal? Bringing every single member of the company together under one mission: forging trust-powered teams that are primed to bring their A-Game. When you’re packing all three of these offerings, you’re making sure that leadership at every level and in every team is on the same page and fully committed to leveling up. It’s all about being BETter, together.

LeadBETter 1:1
LeadBETter Mastermind

Package 2

The Big Leagues

This package is all about leveling up leadership. We’re talking one-on-one coaching paired with top-notch team training led by one of the baddest Culture Coaches in the game. Leaders come together to spot what the organization needs. We’re not sugar-coating it; we’re digging deep into the stuff that messes with effectiveness. Leaders are keeping it real, holding themselves and their crew accountable for the team’s wins and losses. Then, they’re crafting a tactical game plan to take the organization to the next level.

LeadBETter 1:1
LeadBETter Mastermind

Package 3

The Huddle

This package is a deep dive into the team vibes. This is perfect for companies where the leaders are on the same page, but the teams are hitting roadblocks. Whether it’s rapid growth, turnover headaches, goal misses, or drama, this package guides team members and leaders through the fire and into that collaborative sweet spot.

LeadBETter 1:1
LeadBETter Teams

Download the Risha Grant Media Kit for more info.

Inclusive Leadership Coaching

Your leadership is the biggest threat to your company sustaining an inclusive culture. For continued success, it is imperative that your leadership team learn how to address your organization’s D&I needs. Whether you need help with how to have difficult conversations or someone to coach you through engaging employees of diverse backgrounds, we have proven strategies to guide your DEI work. We will create a custom program based on your individual or company needs to provide the leadership development necessary to effectively foster an inclusive workplace, attract diverse talent, and lead inclusively.

Boss Up, Say Bye to BS, Lead Better

Disruption isn’t creeping up on your organization—it’s staring you dead in the face, daring you to ignore it!

Amidst global chaos, unpredictable politics, the assault of AI, and the endless struggle for work-life balance, the need to adapt has never been more urgent. The old-school methods just won’t cut it anymore. Is your leadership program stuck in the nineties? Yeah, that’s like bringing a flip phone to a smartphone party! It ain’t gonna work in today’s hustle.

Need proof? Look around—organizations everywhere are drowning in dysfunction, with disconnected cultures, teams that ain’t vibing and disengaged employees. It’s an organizational mess, and if you wanna come out on top, you gotta shake things up.

This is where the baddest culture coach in the business hits nothing but net!

Boosted sales, engaged cultures, inclusive teams, and making sure everyone feels safe doesn’t happen by accident! They happen with intentional leadership. The reality? Yesterday’s leadership programs won’t work for today’s problems. 

You need something that punches back, something that evolves with you and your team in real-time. You need LeadBETter.

Still on the fence? Here’s why you should join:

  • Equip your leaders and teams to overcome obstacles and achieve greatness.
  • Build a culture of trust, feedback, and honesty led with DEI infused concepts.
  • Develop resilient, empathetic leaders who lead with clarity and compassion.
  • Transform personal growth into social change, boosting team performance and morale.