Free Sh!t

Free Sh!t is a small collection of content that helps people start their journey with diversity, equity, and inclusion. We provide you with content and videos that give you a beginner’s understanding of topics like scarcity mentality, microaggressions, allyship, and more. This page is your one-stop for foundational and introductory resources designed to help you spread the word about diversity, equity, and inclusion across your organization, company, or community.
Keep checking in because we will continue uploading free resources to help you with your DEI journey, PLUS stay tuned for sneak peeks of Risha’s new book Be Better Than Your BS: How Radical Acceptance Empowers Authenticity, Confronts Bias, and Builds a Culture of Inclusion.

Free DEI Video Learning

Scarcity Mentality

It’s impossible to talk about Diversity & Inclusion without addressing Scarcity. In this video, learn to change your perspective of those around you and look at your diverse coworkers as valuable contributors to the team.

Allyship for Leaders

What exactly is Allyship? It’s about making sure the people you work with feel empowered and supported to be who they are. Anyone can be an ally — no matter your role or job description. This video explains what you can do to be an ally in the workplace.


Microaggressions strip employees of their dignity, and create an uncomfortable environment for all employees. Learn what microaggressions are and why they are happening all around us. Discover how microaggressions create toxic work environments and why we need to create positive, inclusive workplaces that respect others.

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