Companies are striving to create more diversity within the workplace and for good reasoning. According to Forbes, companies in the top quartile for gender diversity outperform their competitors by 15 percent and those in the top quartile for ethnic diversity outperform their competitors by 35 percent.

As an experienced diversity and inclusion (D&I) consultant, I can take you and your business from where you are in your D&I journey to where you want to be. I’ll help you identify, own, and confront your BS, and even more importantly, I refuse to waste your time on pointless training. All too often, companies choose the wrong D&I training program for their unique culture. Not all diversity and inclusion training is created equal. My motto is, “Diversity Done Differently,” so before you commit to any type of training, there are three common mistakes that can render ineffective training.

Training is Passive and Repetitive

Diversity and inclusion training is a process. After years of consultations, conversations, research and interviews, I’ve learned that companies don’t have diversity problems, they have people problems. For too long diversity has been blamed for loss of productivity, discrimination and a litany of other workplace faux pas but diversity has never been the issue, people and their BS are the problem.

If your company partakes in a diversity course that encourages passive learning, your employees will never become aware of their actions and behaviors. My sessions will never bore you with complex methodology, terminology, or academia. D&I is simple and so are my concepts. Through active learning, I discuss the uncomfortable so that employees gain understating of their feelings and confront them head-on.

D & I Training Feels Like a Task

I’ll be the first to admit, most diversity and inclusion workshops are boring – Permission: Granted is not like other workshops. A cohesive workplace can only succeed if everyone participates. Through my PG program, I allow all attendees to express their biases while providing them easily applicable tools to help overcome them.

This is not another meeting your employee “have” to attend. Everyone will leave this uncomfortable, but fun conversation with a thorough understand of diversity and inclusion, awareness of their biases and the symptoms that lead them to that point, and tools and tips to address and resolve bias in the workplace.

Concentrating on Microaggressions

In short, microaggression is the everyday occurrences that are done without ill-intent and appear harmless but actually have a powerful impact on the recipient and workplace. When employees don’t feel welcome at work, their productivity suffers. Instead of addressing microaggressive behavior and expecting it to disappear, I offer a different approach. To preserve your company culture and persevere your team’s rapport, I begin by laying a solid D&I foundation and providing actionable suggestions. Through active learning, together we’ll create an environment that values feedback, both good and bad.

It’s time to see D&I training in a whole new light. Diversity of people, thought, and experiences are proven to create more effective employees and teams, better products and customer service, and more connected communities. If you’re tired of the BS and ready to take your D&I training to a new level, contact me today!