Award-winning speaker, trainer and author Risha Grant releases new online video training for businesses, employees

TULSA – Bias. Racism. Discrimination. Now you can start the conversation about diversity and inclusion with your business and employees with a click of a button. Edgy equity speaker, trainer and author Risha Grant has released a trio of online videos called That’s BS! Video Seriesthat change perceptions, create innovative teams, foster inclusion and ultimately, increase profits.

“I think what most businesses don’t realize is they’re leaving millions of dollars on the table by not being inclusive. Diversity actually delivers dollars. Employees with different diversity trainingbackgrounds are more creative and perform 35 percent better than homogenous teams, and they market to people like themselves, who have lots of money to spend.” said Risha Grant, author of That’s BS.!How bias synapse disrupts inclusive cultures and the power to attract diverse markets.

With her That’s BS! Video Series, businesses can teach their employees about diversity and inclusion with online courses and follow along with a guide that includes thought-provoking questions that lead to self-examination.  In the videos, Risha facilitates honest, authentic conversations about unconscious bias, inclusive cultures and micro-aggressions. The training leads her audience to a new place of respect and understanding. The result is an energized workforce focused on diverse teams that generate new ideas, more output and sales.

That’s BS! Video Series includes:

  • An annual license for three eLearning modules
  • More than an hour of interactive and fun training
  • More than 20 video scenes
  • A leader’s guide to facilitate discussion
  • A LIVE webinar with Risha Grant (extra)

Watch some of the training.  The videos series is available now at

Risha Grant is an international speaker and author who has been awarded numerous honors such as One of Four to Watch by the Tulsa World, one of the Most Influential African Americans, and one of the Top 10 Entrepreneurs by Engage Magazine. She has also won the Tulsa Regional Chamber’s Top Inclusive Award two years and been nominated for the Journal Record Woman of the Year award several times. She’s author of That’s B.S! How Bias Synapse Disrupts Inclusive Cultures and the Power to Attract Diverse Markets. She’s a monthly contributor to the Tulsa World Newspaper and a guest correspondent on NBC News, Tulsa.

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