Through our Diversity & Inclusion Brand Development and Inclusionary Media Campaigns, we show our clients how to attract diverse consumers to their products and services. Our approach helps companies identify the root causes of their D&I issues, strategically engage target markets (whether internal or external), increase awareness and ultimately influence the bottom line.


Our recruiting services help companies connect with diverse professionals to build a diverse workforce. We match companies with the right diverse professionals for their career opportunities, internships and nonprofit and corporate board positions based on the candidates’ skills, values, workplace culture preferences and diversity.


Through the Permission::Granted Speaking Series, Risha shares almost 20 years of insight from running a diversity communications & consulting firm in one of the reddest states in the nation. Our most popular speeches and workshops focus on implicit/unconscious bias, building inclusive cultures and attracting diverse markets.

Spotlight: DiversityConneX

Looking for a Career Opportunity?

I am proud to announce that DiversityConneX.com is now the most innovative diversity recruitment platform on the market. It matches our diverse professionals with companies, nonprofits and corporate boards, and internships based on their skills, values, workplace culture preferences and diversity.

As a diverse professional, I am very disturbed that nearly 50 percent of diverse professionals are less likely to be hired, even with a degree! When you sign up as a professional or company, you are helping us to “Fix the 50,” which is our social campaign to eliminate employment disparity. Diverse professionals do not want to be hired based solely on their diversity but they also do not want to be hindered because of it.

CLIENT overviews

  • A Fortune 500 Diversified Energy Company

    A Fortune 500 Diversified Energy Company

    Helping companies identify and accomplish their objectives by harnessing the power of Diversity & Inclusion. By creating a custom campaign,…

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  • OUR Oklahoma

    OUR Oklahoma

    Showing communities how Diversity & Inclusion brings innovation, growth and economic advantage. This project, spearheaded by Risha Grant ... The…

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  • W. Bartlesville

    W. Bartlesville

    By providing this diverse community with our communication and consulting expertise, trust was restored, they were empowered and change was…

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Colleen J. Payne


Xposure did an exceptional job of garnering national press coverage for my book release. I was very pleased that they were able to get results so quickly. Because of their public relations skills, my book and I debuted on a national television show.

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Gov. Brad Henry

Former Govenor

I am excited about the new OUR Oklahoma campaign launched by Xposure Inc. and its talented CEO, Risha Grant. The campaign’s goal is to develop a plan to help Oklahoma better understand and appreciate its diversity, while capitalizing on its homegrown assets to boost economic opportunities for all Oklahomans.

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Bill Cameron

Owner - WNBA Tulsa Shock
CEO - American Fidelity

I met Risha when I launched the WNBA Tulsa Shock Basketball team. She is just as passionate about diversity as she is about basketball. Later, we became a partner in her state diversity campaign. Risha knows her stuff and is a leader in diversity communications.



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